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Reframing Rural Podcast Team
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Mary Auld
Story Editor

Mary grew up in the boreal forest of interior Alaska and the hay fields of upstate New York. Today, she's an audio journalist and editor with a background in public radio and podcasting. She is also the director of the Montana Media Lab. In that role she coordinates teen audio journalism workshops in the state’s rural and Indigenous communities and produces narrative podcasts. Mary has a master's degree in environmental journalism from the University of Montana. Her favorite stories use sound to convey relationships between people and landscapes. Mary's
 first pets were worms in the compost bin.
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Megan Torgerson
Founder, Producer & Host 

Megan is a farmer's daughter from Northeast Montana. In 2019 she developed Reframing Rural while an arts leadership MFA student at Seattle University. Since then, she has dedicated her creative writing, podcasting and fundraising skills to producing stories about the rural West and Heartland. Megan has also lended her knowledge of rural spaces and storytelling to community needs assessments, keynotes, lectures, workshops and educational courses for organizations including the Red Ants Pants Foundation, Montana Farmers Union, Montana State University Extension and the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at Montana State University.
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Aaron Spieldenner, Hazy Bay Music
Audio Engineer & Composer

Aaron is a multi-disciplinary sound artist, with a focus on immersive, colorful soundtracks and sound design. His critical ear for technical design and keen understanding of the emotion of sound come together to create polished sonic worlds for the listener to get lost in. He earned his bachelor's in film scoring from Berklee College of Music. Podcasts, video games, film, commercials and live performance are all mediums wherein Aaron practices his craft.
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