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Season One: Coming Home

An introduction from founder Megan Torgerson

Google image of Sheridan County, Montana

Located on the ancestral lands of the Assiniboine peoples of present day Sheridan County, Montana, season one is dedicated to the rural homeplace of my youth. It is a landscape that is at once unrelenting and peaceful, endless and settled. Since the late 1800s it has also been home to Scandinavian homesteaders and their descendants who sought a better life in the Treasure State. My Nordic ancestors arrived to Northeastern Montana in 1882.

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In Sheridan County tourism is limited to pheasant, antelope and deer hunting, and the county population of approximately 3,500 residents has increased only slightly in the last decade due to the neighboring Bakken Oil Formation. Many who grew up in the MonDak area are retiring from farming and moving to warmer climates, or moving to bigger towns offering more opportunities. I'm one of those who left, but Reframing Rural keeps me coming back. Creating this podcast also keeps me curious about how the community has changed since my childhood, who is left to preserve our cultural traditions, and what is the future of this place.

Season one features stories of people I think about when I

think about home. This includes farmers and ranchers, preachers and teachers, and people working in the oil and gas industry. It is my greatest hope that Reframing Rural’s first season is a gift to these folks, and all people past and present who’ve lived in this placid and remote corner of Montana. 

Season One Episodes:

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