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Reframing Rural is truly a grassroots media initiative. Our independently produced podcast is supported through grants, sponsorships and listener contributions. We invite anyone who is able and inspired, to support Reframing Rural through a one-time donation via PayPal or Venmo, or become a monthly supporter on Patreon. Your support helps us continue to share stories from rural landscapes that are free and accessible to all.

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Venmo: @megantorgerson​
To inquire about making a tax-deductible donation or to learn about sponsorship opportunities, contact Megan Torgerson at reframingrural (@)
All donations go toward the production and administrative costs associated with reporting, recording, editing, researching, writing, narrating, mixing audio, composing original music for episodes, marketing and distribution
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Photo courtesy of Jeremy Lurgio.

Praise for Reframing Rural
"Reframing Rural is a thoughtful, insightful and superbly prepared podcast! Megan applies her knowledge of the family farm system of agriculture to the challenges being faced in today's challenging times in rural communities and farmsteads. Reframing Rural is a brilliant gem that casts a bright light on the circumstances facing rural residents, rural communities, farmers and all the rest of us who depend on family farmers for good food, air, soil and water."
- Sarah Vogel, attorney, advocate and author of The Farmer’s Lawyer

“Simply put, Megan Torgerson is a master storyteller. And lucky for us, she has chosen to focus her immense talents on the complex, inspirational, and sometimes-overlooked culture of rural America. With empathy, curiosity, and great skill, Megan brings to life the real-world challenges facing rural communities– she educates, entertains, and, perhaps most importantly, compassionately bridges our ever-widening cultural divides.” 
- Ed Roberson, creator of Mountain & Prairie

“Megan not only understands the academic and historical context of the complexities of rural communities, but she feels the personal, heart side of them too.  Her meaningful approach to interviewing and connecting with her guests is extremely e
ffective to produce valuable stories for us all. She and Reframing Rural are an asset to rural places everywhere.”

- Sarah Calhoun, founder of Red Ants Pants 
"Reframing Rural does the important work of challenging mainstream stereotypes about rural places by introducing us to fascinating people, history and culture that don't always get the spotlight. Megan goes beyond the obvious, diving deep into important, compelling stories about rural places that will resonate with anyone who's spent time in rural America, and educate and entertain those who haven't."
- Kathleen McLaughlin, award-winning journalist and author of Blood Money

Season Three Supporters 

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Season Two Supporters

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Season One Supporters

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Interested in supporting or sponsoring Reframing Rural? Contact Megan Torgerson at reframingrural (at)
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