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Reframing Rural's mission is to share untold stories of people and places in rural America in an effort to celebrate culture, preserve history and cultivate curiosity and conversation across geographic, class and cultural divides.

Telling stories of people and places not  fully represented in the media or pop culture is at the heart of Reframing Rural's mission to reframe the narrative on rural America. TedGlobal speaker and writer Chimamanda Adichie recognizes this phenomenon as the “danger of a single story.” Single stories, or stereotypes of rural people in the news leads to their dehumanization, further wedging the divide between city and country, republican and democrat, and myriad binaries that are uncreative and damaging.

For those with a rural background, Reframing Rural provides a place where people’s experiences can be validated. For those generationally removed from their rural roots, the initiative inspires curiosity in rural Americans whose stories are not being fully told through election maps or newspaper headlines.

"No matter where I live, I will always be from rural America." - Reframing Rural founder, Megan Torgerson

Hailing from the windswept Great Plains of Dagmar, Montana, Megan Torgerson is a writer, creative entrepreneur and founder of the original podcast series, Reframing Rural. Megan holds an MFA in Arts Leadership from Seattle University and a BA in English with a creative nonfiction emphasis from the University of Montana. Following a position working for Emmy award-winning documentary filmmaker, Ian McCluskey in Portland, Oregon, she moved to Asheville, North Carolina to live with her partner and artistic collaborator, Andrew Drinnan. In 2018 they moved to Seattle where Megan began her MFA journey and launched Reframing Rural, which was awarded the 2020 residency and fellowship from Guest House Cultural Capital Residency in Richland, Washington.  Reframing Rural has also received a Humanities Montana Regular Grant, Greater Montana Foundation award, Seattle Office of Arts & Culture smART Ventures Grant and a 4Culture Cultural Relief Fund award. Fueled by storytelling’s ability to bridge divides, Megan divides her time between producing Reframing Rural podcast episodes, consulting on projects with Upward Public Relations out of Missoula, Montana, grant writing for other artist-activists in Seattle, Washington and working as a farmhand on her family's wheat farm in Northeastern Montana. 


Reframing the Narrative on Rural America

Megan Torgerson launched Reframing Rural while an MFA student at Seattle University. Watch her thesis presentation Reframing Rural: Rewriting the Narrative on Rural America from June, 2020.



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